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Benefits Tracking & Realization

Benefits Identified - Benefits Received

Benefits Realization & Tracking

You can't change what you can't measure.  Defending the transformation office with tangible results is what is expected from leaders when they fund the program to begin with.  We help you identify benefits upfront and track them over time.  Benefits include both financial and non-financial benefits and can be captured and measured using various capabilities within the solution.  Imagine one single source of truth for all things transformation management.  Imagine with a few clicks you can show your revenues, cost savings and how you have improved customer satisfaction.  Our solution makes this a reality.

Track Benefits in Real Time

One of the biggest challenges in running a transformation office is measuring and tracking benefits.  We help solve for the following:

  • Identify benefits - both financial and non-financial

  • Track benefits on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis

  • Provide real-time accurate reporting across an individual project or an entire portfolio

  • Monitor projects along the way both during implementation and through the benefits period

  • Provide RAG status on benefits realized 

Benefits Tracking

Tracking and reporting benefits are a few clicks away.

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