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Idea Capture and ROI Analysis

Business Case Review

Idea Capture and ROI Analysis

We have solved for the challenge of understanding the value and impact of a project. With large transformation projects there are many moving parts and cost-benefit factors that determine if it will eventually drive meaningful impact to the company.


Our idea management and ROI Analysis capability offers a comprehensive solution to help you understand your return on investment. It quickly and easily calculates financial metrics such as NPV, IRR, payback period, and more to identify the best investments for your business. Our software features a user-friendly interface, integrated data visualizations, and automated reporting capabilities to provide you with actionable insights into your investments. With our ROI Analysis capabilities, you can make smarter decisions that maximize your financial returns.


Idea Management and Data Capture

Capture ideas in its simplest form then expand on it to create a full business case.  Eliminate your spreadsheets and use a simple to use standard format that makes data entry easy and keeps data accurate.  Your teams do not have to know finance to build out cashflows or develop P&L impact.  Our solution automatically delivers business impact information based on basic data entered into the solution.  Review multiple investments and compare their ROI and other metrics to determine the best project for your business.

Workflow Approval

Stop the email madness.  Let our workflow solution manage the approvals for you.  Our visible workflow management solution makes routing project approvals transparent and easy.  Single sign on makes accessing the system a seamless process. Audit trails track approvers progress.

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Welcome to the digital world of investment analysis

Don't leave your project evaluation process to chance. Give your teams the freedom to capture new ideas. Vet those ideas and move them through a process that makes them real.  Compare them to other priorities and create a balanced portfolio of strategic investments.

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