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A purpose-built SaaS platform exclusively bult with Transformation Office in mind to manage transformative initiatives, establish a Corporate Savings Ledger to keep track of cost savings across the lines of business and functional groups, and to make one system to become a single source of truth for benefits not just intended but as well realized.

The platform provides a holistic framework to conceptualize transformative ideas, perform ROI analysis, track spend, and realize projected revenue and/or cost savings. It simplifies the idea capture, funding and approval flows through standardized templates, cross-functional data inputs, automated financial calculations (e.g., cash flow, EBITDA, depreciation & amortization schedule, and income statement), and policy-driven approval chain (e.g., investment category, spend threshold, and ownership).

This transformative solution aids decision-makers rationalize the spend by comparing the total cost of ownership against the total benefits thereby objectively prioritizing the high-valued initiatives for the organization as a whole. The solution establishes governance through gate reviews and approval chains and enhances accountability through tracking actuals and reporting variance.


Highest level of security from GoTransform and its partner AWS

Our SaaS-based Transformation Management platform, hosted on the AWS cloud infrastructure is built to meet the enterprise security, compliance and privacy requirements of our customers in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, life sciences, and governmental agencies.  We undergo regular compliance audits to ensure the requirements of customers and regulators are met.


  • Support for SAML-2 compliant Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • A flexible policy-based access mechanism with 3-levels of control: 

  • A robust audit-trail facility that provides a historical record of changes

  • End-to-end data encryption using TLS1.2 for data in transit and AES 256-based encryption keys for data at rest

  • A comprehensive threat & vulnerability management program to statically scan the source code continuously 24x7

  • Platform tested and certified annually for ethical hacking and vulnerability assessment

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GoTransform Integrates with other systems to import / export data seamlessly

GoTransform establishes a single go-to platform for your transformative data and tools all under one roof. The purpose-built platform creates one space where your teams can better focus on business needs rather than the nitty-gritty behind-the-scene technical matters.

  • A robust REST-based API to connect with our customers’ eco-system applications and tools with support for REST authentication

  • Ability to export and/or import data through Excel and other file formats either manually using the platform UI or automatically as a backend job using the admin console.

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