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Transformation Planning & Optimization

Planning Overview

Transformation Planning & Optimization

Planning is one of the most important steps in managing a successful transformation program.  Effective planning generates better results every time. Our solution helps you manage your portfolio and optimize your projects for maximum results.  You can accomplish the following:

  • Build a multi-year plan

  • Set targets and prioritize projects

  • Monitor and rebalance your portfolio over time

Build a multi-year Transformation Plan

Building a multi-year plan in a single source system solution designed for Transformation Planning is simple and intuitive. Key Features include:

  • Target Setting

  • Stage gate planning

  • Scenario Modeling

  • Baselining annual plans

  • Multi-year views

  • Version comparison

Prioritization and Selection

Select projects to include in the portfolio based on the following:

  • ROI and Payback

  • NPV, IRR, or ROA

  • Strategic value

  • Risk assessment

  • Include, exclude, hold features

Monitoring and Rebalancing

Once your plan is complete and approved, you can manage its progress over time and rebalance the plan as priorities change.  Key capabilities includes the following:

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • KPI monitoring

  • Forecast vs. Actuals

  • Executive reporting

  • Trend analysis

Planning 2.png

Annual and multi-year planning is simple when it is in one system and everyone has access to the same data.  By using GoTransform to develop and manage your plans you can quickly baseline a plan from existing data, add new pipeline projects, run scenario analysis and finalize a comprehensive plan.

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